A professional Home Inspector can significantly reduce your risk and help in making the entire home buying process easier and less stressful.

It’s more than a home inspection.

It’s about finding your home. At Perfect Home Inspections, we believe home inspections are an important step in every home ownership story. During your inspection, you’ll learn where to find the water shut-off valves. When the roof might need to be replaced. How the fixtures function. And so much more. We offer a wide range of services including:

Flexible Scheduling (7 days a week) Residential Inspections Manufactured Home Inspection Condo/Townhome Inspection Mold Inspections Thermal Inspections

Commercial Inspections Multiplex Inspection Rental Inspection Pool/Spa Inspection Bundled Inspections

Homeowners should have an inspection done on a consistent basis (annually or biannually), as this will add to the integrity and longevity of the home. Just like the body needs a regular physical evaluation, so does your home. Over time, various systems in the home will age and problems will arise. A consistent home inspection fully documents the condition of the home and catches minor defects before they turn into expensive repairs (or possible replacement). The home inspector at this time will address the problem and direct you to the proper contractor for repairs as well as giving possible solutions to these issues at the inspection time.
When it comes to commercial property inspections, as a business, you have a lot on the line. You need professional advice that helps you make more informed business decisions. Our inspectors understand that, which is why we provide an extremely detailed analysis and report. Typical types of commercial buidlings we provide inspection for include: Multi-dwelling units Office Hotel Restaurant Warehouse Industrial re and post leases
If you plan on purchasing a multiplex, a preventative inspection by a licensed building inspector would enable you to better understand the challenges that come with this real estate before taking any decision. If you already own a multiplex, I can advise you on your options to improve or renovate this real estate in order to protect your investment and strengthen your bottom line. Whether you wish to have a single unit or all the units in the multiplex inspected, I bring to the table extensive hands-on experience in the inspection of residential multiplexes.